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Expert Content for Entrepreneurs 

Startup Mentorship Hub provides a critical path of success for Enterprenuers in Idea Stage. 

The processes are proven, to provide clarity and support for Enterprenuers and soloprenuers. 

We provide Content. Community. Clarity 



Bringing your ideas to life...

Running a Business Can be overwhelming More than half of new businesses fail during the first year.

You can either choose to do it alone or have a community of experts that supports you.  Whether you are a solopreneur, Enterpreneur or have a need to validate your idea.

 The Startup Mentorship hub provides all the resources and Industry experts you need in one platform.
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A Business Community Hub...

If you are like many people who have ideas or already started a Business and you feel stuck, the Startup Mentorship community is what you need. Starting your business can sometimes feel overwhelming, You do not have to do it all alone...  


Industry Experts and Real people  

At Startup Mentorship Hub, we provide resources and expert advice in every areas of your businesses. Rather than hiring consultants for every aspect or area of your business you get everything in on hub. Think of all those online courses you have to buy just to make one sale...


Unlimited opportunities

Achieve real results, connects with real people and turn your vision to reality. Get an accountability partner and join a community that has your best interest at heart. This is not just another online course where they tell you what you should have done. We simply take a step...

What are the benefits of joining Startup Mentorship Hub ? 

We would help you bring your business ideas back to life ! 


Over 100 Industry Experts and Mentors 

Business Planning, Investments, Financial Planning, Personal and Leadership development, Marketing and sales, Legal Business requirement, Branding, Workforce planning everything you need discussed in one online HUB. 


Community of Business owners 

Learn from everyday people, the daily struggles, how each person has continously overcome failures, learn from real people. 


Resources, Templates, Bundles 

There are over 300 different resources you can download at a small cost ! Try it today. 


Real people, Real challenges, Real solution 

This is not a bot ! No fragmented stories, this is a community of people sharing their everyday victories and failures. 

How do I know if this is right for me  ? 

Well, if you found this site, it means you have tried doing it all alone and at this point you need help. 


You know that annoying question everyone you have spoken to have continously asked, what is your niche ? Well, now is the time to get answers to that burning question. 
Discover who your target Audience are 
•Remember how everyone talked about creating value, learn how you can create value for your clients 
•Everyone is selling online marketing, do not be that business without focus lets help you today. 


This is not some type of personal hype community, of course we want you to succeed. Learn the act of selling, Follow our expert step by step approach whether in uptimizing your social media content or simply putting that sale pitch together, this community is what you need. 


Not all money is good money learn that, not all investors are angels, some you just need to run away from them. Learn how to raise funds using different funding pools available in your local community. Learn all the right Strategies from Experts

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Why Choose Startup Mentorship Hub ?

Remember we help bring your ideas to life.


Montly Business and Startup Masterclass 

This is not another boring accelerator program or a marathon 72 hours of endless presentations. With our monthly business masterclass, you can learn all the neccesary skills you need in one hub. Save money from buying 100 bundles of Masterclass in our community. Resources Includes Videos, Audios, worksheets and many more. 


Accountability Partners and One on One meetings 

You know that Quarterly planning planner you filled but never did anything about it, now is the time to discuss all those plan with someone who has your interest and wants to see results. 
Love networking ?
Join one of our live events near you. 


Passion Brought us here 

The Startup mentorship Hub is not another boring group, this is a group where you will find like minded people, passionate about their calling and willing to pay the price to achieve it. 

Here is what our Users and Clients are saying 

I have had my Business for more than 5 years, during which I have done almost everything my self. However, the quality, content and help provided in the Startup Mentorship Hub is extreemly valuable. Now I can access expert content on whether its hiring or marketing, everything is covered in the platform, Now we spend less time on process and create value for our customers. 

CEO and Founder Official Tife 

Not only have I become more productive, I have been able to create visibility for my Business. I did not know I could get so much value for a very little amount of money. Now I know how to keep my client satisfied and provide value for them as well. I would recommend the community for any one who is struggling to find direction or wanting to scale their Business. 

Joseph Osa
CEO Babel Konsult 

Business fundamentals and Product development 

Learn and understand the business your are operating in. Know what customer want.  


Marketing for your Business

Use technology to improve Business process. Deliver world class services through Customer satisfaction and tailored marketing. 


Leadership and People Management 

Understanding the A, B personality and how they affect your teams. Learn to Hire for strenght and weakness. 


Managing Business Finance 

Ever thought all the money coming in was yours, no its not. Learn how to price your products and services. 


Understanding Accounting and Legal Structure

Learn the principles of Government money, your money and the Business Money. 


Scaling and finding new clients 

Go from one client to 10, 100, 1000 client. 


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Accordion FAQ

The Startup Membership Hub has a monthly subscription of $50, which gives you access to all the Masterclass and resources 

Our community is full of many idea owners, founders and even Business owners, there are no doubt will be inspired to work on your business now. This is the perfect time for you to start developing your ideas and implementing new skills you will learn. 

If you already have a business, that is a great and perfect idea. Now remember how technology is evolving and rapid change is happening in Business, do not be left out in the age of digitalization. Join our movement now. 
* Real life Case  
* Real People 
* Real Results

Get the clarity you have always wanted !

If you want to see remarkable difference with your ideas, business and connections that you have now,
you will have to do things differently. 
When you join our community, you will simple experience freedom and clarity on what you have always wanted to achieve. 




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