The Millennial Changing lives with network Marketing

Stephen has been an Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional for more than 2years. He joined Herbalife Nutrition few years ago in order to help people improve their life style and health.

The Herbalife Network help people get active and offers a variety of health benefits, by providing food supplements and multivitamins. The program also shows how helping others to discover a healthy and active lifestyle can be a profitable Business.

  1. Tell us about yourself?

Stephen Mills: My name is Steven Mills I am from Ghana and I am a Business Owner and Network Marketing professional. I have a Diploma in Information Technology and I have helped over 100 clients improve their lifestyle through our products.

  1. What inspired your Startup business idea and how did you motivate yourself to keep going?

Stephen Mills: I didn’t imagine I would be keen on the business when I started two years ago. I attended couple of seminar about Business Marketing and networking and from there I got the opportunity to learn about how connecting with people and providing health related solutions through recommending our products can improve people lives. After the seminar, I knew that I was going to committee to the Business idea. Although the income was a motivation for me, but after a while I realised focusing on just income alone is not a great way of running a business, and that can collapse any Business. Although it was also very slow, when I started after a while I gained momentum and now I have over 1000 people in my network who I can reach out to and help. And for me financial freedom was also one of the reasons.

  1. What’s the most profitable aspect of your business, why do you think this is and how can others apply this to what they are doing?

Stephen Mills: My customers have seen remarkable result as a result of using our products, especially the nutritional products, we have received feedbacks of how the products have help to improve their. I am happy to connect with people all around the world both in Ghana, Nigeria and Europe.

  1. What Major Challenges are you having with your Business at the moment?

Stephen Mills: For me, getting people to join the network is really a big deal, developing oneself and increasing income are major challenges. For now, we do direct marketing and sales and we are looking forward to using digital marketing to promote our Business. As Robert Kiyosaki said “if you cannot sell you don’t make money” I would also really learn how to sell without been pushy.

  1. What should other entrepreneurs reading this interview – be focusing on to expand their business (e.g. outsource, get a team, monetization, traffic generation etc) ?

Stephen Mills: Here is my take, rather than focusing on yourself, try and focus on the customer and not yourself. Be yourself, develop your skills, confidence and know what the customer needs.

  1. What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in your industry and those who have failed?

Stephen Mills: People who fail, quit too often, that’s my take in addition there is power in delayed gratification, people want to make quick money but the truth is successful people don’t give up when they fail. They continue to try new things until they succeed in one.

  1. Should Startups in early stage focus on hiring product manager or a marketing manager?

Stephen Mills: When your Business already have a good product which has been carefully designed and researched, I don’t think you will need a product manager, what such Business need is a marketing team to help expand new territory and take new market.

  1. If you get a loan or funding of $10,000 what would you do with it?

Stephen Mills: For me now, expanding my business reach would be first, followed by organizing seminars where people can be educated. Another thing I would do is ensure that, I have enough stock of goods which will solve product shortage that we are experiencing now. It’s a bit difficult to do that when you don’t have enough income.

  1. What has been you biggest business mistake and what did you learn from it? (if you don’t mind sharing) ?

Stephen Mills: Leaving the customer after they purchase our products has been one of the mistakes I have learned. You should not forsake your customers only to come back to sell to them, that is wrong. A business is like a relationship you must create better relationship and connection with them.

  1. One last advice for young founders and entrepreneur?

Stephen Mills: One last advice, Business is not a get rich quick scheme, to build anything sustainable requires time, dedication, focus and ability to bounce back. You must keep your head up and before you know it your dreams in due time will come to past.

Steven can be reached through this platform

Telephone: (+233)543472697


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